Jared Harris, July 2010, Los Angeles, CA

    • F. Clichy
    • August 4th, 2010

    Whatever crew member you were speaking to needs to get out more. Jared Harris’s career has mostly taken place in the US.

    Meanwhile, Mad Men’s award winning costume designer is really leaving something to be desired in the tailoring of that suit. The legs are Pee-Wee Herman length and the jacket is way too boxy.

    I really hope his character has something to do this season – he’s an amazingly talented actor. If you are a fan, check out “B.Monkey” and “the Two of Us.” You’ll be amazed!


    • Thanks for your comments – we are proof that Jared Harris has fans living in America (I’m Canadian)!

      Context: Jared Harris is hurrying back to the set after his lunch break. His double-breasted blazer is unbuttoned. No wonder his silhouette seems boxy; he’s relaxed and full of lunch!


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